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Top economic aide says president wants to make deal despite latest escalations

German lender says its 2019 profit target has become ‘more ambitious’

Media group counts cost of its challenge to Netflix and disappointing theme park numbers

London pins impasse on bloc leaders but Brussels resists call to alter withdrawal deal

As courts crack down on copying and sampling in music, artistic freedom is threatened

The virtual league can boost employee engagement but some question its impact on productivity

Bridgewater founder urges investors to have ‘bets on both horses in the race’

Ruling said to have far-reaching implications for lenders with US correspondent accounts

Big Four and smaller groups review audit books as costs and regulation increase

Company accuses US regulator of ‘twisting’ facts over its $100m initial coin offering

Excess capacity forces consolidation and sharpens rivalry between the two countries

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Washington seeks to put intermediate-range weapons in region after treaty withdrawal

Australian and Canadian deal boosts Modi plan to advance economic development

Move comes as ride-hailing group seeks to raise funds as ‘capital winter’ chills tech sector

CPPIB to boost its emerging-market strategy by entering capital-starved sector



Can a night out watching a catchy hit musical stimulate the creative juices?

How focusing on online-savy millennials turned a one-woman beauty blog into a $1bn business

Test for policymakers as fears mount over global economy and Sino-US tensions

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Test for policymakers as fears mount over global economy and Sino-US tensions

Announcing the end of the strong dollar policy is easier than actually ending it

S&P 500 notches biggest one-day gain in two months despite falls in Europe and Asia


Japanese tech group boosted by share sale as it prepares to deploy further wave of capital

What if some shows came with a 24-hour time limit between episodes?

Messaging app may illuminate the US regulator’s position but it is unlikely to be popular

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