What to watch on TV this week

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A new show set in the Lake District bubbles with complex rivalries and financial trouble

The actor takes a scornful dive into the world of plastic surgery and airbrushed selfies

A new documentary recalls when part of the Polcevera Bridge collapsed last year

Generation Z drama depicting a near-apocalyptic teenage wasteland has fans including Leonardo DiCaprio

Geena Davis adds star power as a casino manager in the ever-likeable comedy

A funny woman on the brink of disaster is at the centre of this new series resembling a London-Irish Broad City

More from this Series

The new six part drama tells the story of the famous Cabaret director and his undersung wife

Veteran rapper and art lover visits Florence to insouciantly blow the dust off art history

Set on the border of Germany and Austria, the language thriller is heavy on atmosphere

Havoc persists inside the prison, whilst the newly released Piper becomes a waitress

The first of a new three-part drama quietly dramatises the narrative of coercive control

A film-maker travels to so-called ‘re-education centres’ where reports of torture abound

With a dizzying number of writers, ‘Sweetbitter’ feels uneven and feebly plotted

Cameras go behind the scenes of Facebook HQ in the year of the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Jobs and kissing replace bikes and board games as the goofy young kids turn teenagers

Presented by Lisa Hilton, this three-parter is a story of chicanery and filibuster

The story behind a young woman’s decision to join a Kurdish militia

In a new BBC documentary, historian David Olusoga reveals the history of racial prejudice in the UK

Glossy, visceral and with an exceptional cast, the satirical mini-series conjures a paradox-laden second world war

Elisabeth Moss’s Offred is all eerie composure as Gilead’s foundations begin to totter

The second instalment of the hit series provides all the anticipated flamboyance and high-octane action

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani explore hard-hitting realities about single-use plastic

How the screen housewife has evolved in line with prevailing attitudes

Netflix’s tech anthology series continues with three cunningly plotted stories

Has Armistead Maupin’s classic series about a queer community in San Francisco dated badly?

Was Anne Lister a lesbian superhero — or an unashamed forerunner of class-privileged white feminism?

The cast of Michael Apted’s 1963 TV social experiment reunite for a ninth time

In this new five-part BBC series, the professor charts the improbable histories of Earth and its neighbours

Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s 1990 novel is adapted for screen with Michael Sheen and David Tennant leading an all-star cast

Russell T Davies’ drama presents an all-too-identifiable 21st century through the lens of one Mancunian family

The British film-maker’s four-part study of repressed pain occasionally veers towards ‘misery porn’

This series starring Emily Watson and Jared Harris dramatises the events surrounding the 1986 nuclear accident to gripping effect

Channel 4’s documentary unearths new material on the famous landings

The last six episodes of the fantasy epic are set to be an enjoyable panoply of improbable sets, outlandish names and ‘sexposition’

A documentary tracing the primary campaigns of four progressive Democrats: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Paula Jean Swearengin, Amy Vilela and Cori Bush

The BBC documentary is a sobering, uncompromising portrait of the effects of global warming on our world

A documentary follows the prosecution and defence cases for one of the darkest episodes in European history

Liza Williams’ BBC Four documentary highlights how preconceptions about the victims influenced the investigation

After the success of Killing Eve, the writer-director is back with a second — and starrier — season of her brilliantly offhand comedy-drama

Uncomfortable and graphic testimonies from two men, one of whom defended star during 2005 trial

Mobeen Azhar speaks to the inhabitants of Bradford, the birthplace of worldwide demonstrations against Salman Rushdie’s novel

The triple-timeline story starring Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff gets off to a promising start

Old favourites unexpectedly return as links between their pasts are revealed